Friday, May 17, 2013

A visit from our friends from Elba

We were very sad to say farwell to our friends from Elba.  We had a fantastic time learning a lot from each other. 
Hope you had a fantastic time with us.  We had lots of fun making bruschetta with you during our Italian Day.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Elba pupils and teachers in Wales

Hi everybody!
We're all preparing for our final meeting: flight tickets in the folders, currency, gifts for the friends....
But I do want spend some time to say an enourmous thanks to our friends in Ysgol Y Dderi.
Giacomo, Emma and Vittoria (the pupils) Barbara and Simonetta (the teachers) got off the ferry at 7.45 tonight: they were very tired for the long journey back, but very happy for the great days they spent in Wales.
Children didn't want to leave their new school and friends!!!!!
Thank you friends, it's wonderful to be in this partnership

International day in Porto Azzurro

A very special school day in Porto Azzurro on Thursday  9th of May. We decided to celebrate the international day very specially: during our journeys we saw a lot of practical activities in the partner schools. And we saw pupils enjoying them.
So from 10.00 until the end of the school day there were no more classes no more Italian or Maths or P.E. There were 11 labs where children could go and try different activities, mixing with children from different classes and age.
Families helped us: we discovered that we have mums very good at decoupage, mums expert with dance and a dad that can teach art design for hours to very young learners.....
But we discovered that the Maths teacher in class 5 is very good with visual art from magazines and that a colleague can speak and teach French and we "exploited "another one that is Spanish mother tongue.
A great day that showed the best from the children, from the staff and from the families!
A special event that will become a tradition.....
Thanks Comenius!!!!!
Thanks friends

 It's not easy to organize labs in our school: the rooms don't fit, we haven't tools etc... but everything became easy this time.

And we, the teachers were so surprised and happy

It's a big joy to see our students so interested, active
 and lively

It was very special for them having the chance to choose what they wanted to do at school

 We received "suggestions" for the next time....

Monday, May 6, 2013


Dear friends,
We joined a competition about recycling and children had brilliant ideas...

Here you are Rio Marina mini-theatre

In Porto Azzurro classes 5 children worked about commercials and they created some interesting posters:

And the youngest, 6 years old children, from class 1 in Porto Azzurro joined the project and learnt that they can separate rubbish: an octopus is the "testimonial" for the campaign: they created a rhyme, very nice recycled octopuses and a posters: they don't know it but the poster was a test!!!