The project "A Green World - be a part, not apart"  will bring together 5 European schools in Italy, Wales, Norway and Greece. Our partnership is an interesting mixture of European cultures and reflects the European diversity.
During our collabolation, students will discover, study and share information about planting, food growing, healthy eating and the environment in all of our partner countries. They will grow their own school vegetable gardens, share and plant seeds from all countries, consume their produce, sell or offer crops to their local  communities, design the partnership logo, use natural materials to make Christmas cards and create a board game about the environment. They will also create a Comenius calendar for 2013, print an International Newspaper, and organise an Open Day at school for their communities to disseminate the results of the project.
Regular meetings of teachers will ensure appropriate planning and evaluation at every stage. These will also enable a thorough understanding of European education systems.
Our project will not only benefit each school but also their associated local communities. As our pupils gain a greater understanding of food production and preparation the knowledge of these young Europeans will directly filter upwards through family, local and international communities creating a healthier generation of Europeans.

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