Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A "mini meeting" in Elba

Tonight a special dinner to celebrate the end of the school year, the end of a wonderful partnership but, more important, friendships that don't finish with the end of partnerships.
In Porto Azzurro there are two teachers from Gjerstad school, Linda and Ase Kristine, working in our classes and having a look at our celebrations of the end of the school years.
And there are our friends from Latvia, Aiga and Vita with  four more teachers and 39 students on a school trip. They'll show us "Bez Temata": music and dances performed by the pupils.
Two big gifts from our friends for our pupils.
Let's hope this is a "good look" for our new project.... finger-crossed!!!!

Norwegian lesson in class 3
 Linda and Ase Kristine look at grade 5 pupils that welcome the future grade 1

Aiga and Vita just arrived after 5.000 km by coach
 grade 5 pupils: sad  to leave their primary teachers...
 ...or happy to start a new adventure???
 And some of the future (we hope) Comenius ambassadors!!!!

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