4th Meeting - Astakos

4th meeting in Astakos
18th to 24th May 2013

Our meeting in Astakos was the final planning meeting of our partnership. After working hard for the last two years we all got together in Astakos and celebrated the end of the project. This meeting was mostly an opportunity for bonding, sharing and celebrating our already well established friendship.
During our final meeting all countries planted seeds and small plants from their homeland into the school garden as well as an olive tree as a reminder of this visit. We also used our spinach and green leaves from the school garden to make traditional green pies with the children in class. The children also had the opportunity to work on a collaborative work of art that will decorate one of our school walls. All schools visited the ancient theatre of Oiniades and watched a small part of ancient Greek Drama and also a puppet show performance at school. Moreover, all schools took part in the "Greek international day" which included the reenactment of the ancient Olympic Games and was based on the idea of "healthy mind and healthy body" while participating in sports. We also had small presentations from all countries, we sang our national anthems and performed maypole dancing in a huge circle which united us in one.
We all had a great time together and we hope for a new Comenius project soon!!!


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