Logo Competition

These are the five logos the students created in each partner school. All students in every school voted for the best logo. Astakos voted for Gjerstad, Porto Azzuro, Agliana and Lampeter voted for Astakos. So, the winning logo is that of Astakos Primary School in Greece and it will be the logo of the project.

Espen in 6th grade won the competition.

This is the winning logo from Elba primary schools. Children from class 3 in Porto Azzuro school did this: 8 year old children! They discussed with their teacher the "meaning" of the project and decided all together the subject in the picture. They are really creative... Then all coloured the same subject, working in pairs. Here you are: our Comenius ship!

This logo was made by a group of students at lower secondary school - 12 years old - and it was chosen on this basis: "...the students have been able to communicate the meaning of the project by using new technologies in a creative and original way!"

This logo was created by 10year old Tanith Graham. Tanith came to the Comenius meeting in Elba.

This is the winning logo for Astakos Primary School. It was made by Chara in the 5th grade. Welcome on board! All four countries fly on our green hot air balloon. Let's grow our vegetables and get rid of pollution!

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