3rd Meeting - Lampeter

3rd meeting in Lampeter, Wales
4 - 9 November 2012
Our meeting in Wales was the first of our second year in the project. After a whole year of working hard on the project, it was time to meet again and share our experience, knowledge and excitement. This meeting was full of positive energy; good old and new friends, hard work, happy kids and great plans for the second year of our partnership. 
During our visit in Wales, we became part of the everyday school life, we visited an old watermill where we took wheat seeds from the school garden to be ground into flour, we baked bread and Welsh cakes, we made hand cream from flowers we picked from the garden, we walked in the wood and saw the school's polytunnel and garden. We also created the images for the last six months of the year for our Comenius calendar of 2013 and put together the articles from all schools for our Comenius magazine. It was a great meeting!!!

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