Monday, January 23, 2012

Rio Marina School

Hello friends!
Here in Elba children are voting too. We need some more days for the official results: teacher Simona, the coordinator of the "election jury" has been ill in these days. Meanwhile, here you are some drawings of Rio Marina school, and a short description children wrote:

 “Our school is situated on the principal street of Rio Marina, near nursery school.
Rio Marina is a little village near the sea where the principals activity are tourism and fishing.
Our school is big, yellow and very old with a lot of windows.
The school is on three levels: on the ground floor there is a room for physical education and computer science. There is also the canteen where all pupils eat every Monday.
On the first floor there are the classrooms.
Only a class is situated on the second floor where there is also a room for art, toilettes and a boxroom. In the boxroom you can found tools for our vegetable garden.
The classroom are very spacious and there are several posters on the wall.
We're Rio Marina's children primary school and this is our last year. We have a lot of friends and we love our teachers. It’s sad to leave them next year!”

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