Friday, April 13, 2012

Comenius activities, Astakos, March 2012

Spring is finally here! We keep working hard and we are happy it has stopped raining so that we can work outdoors!

1. Classes B1 and D2 went out on the mountain to collect wild asparagus.

 They also visited the open market and bought some tame asparagus in order to compare them with the wild ones.
 Mmmm... Very different!
 And then... it was time for cooking! They came up with a lot of recipes!
 They boiled and fried some, they made omelette, souffle, pizza and soup with asparagus.
 Let's taste some interesting green and healthy food!
 Mmmm.... This strange vegetable doesn't taste bad at all!
We enjoyed our dinner together very much and we hope that more "green things" will be on our plates from now on!

 2. Now that the soil is not wet anymore classes A1, B1, B2, C2 and D2 planted some new plants. Each class has its own part of the small garden. So let the competition begin!!!


3. Do you know what "grafting" is? D2 class observed how the grafting of olive trees is done.

4. What is an agricultural cooperation? B1 class talked about how it works and created their own coop in the classroom! The pupils brought local products in class like honey, jam, sweet preserves, herbs and nuts. They also prepared and tasted greek mountain tea which gave a different flavour to a usual school morning...

5. D2 class planted some plants and pulses in small pots in the classroom. They will observe them growing and keep records of how they are doing. When they will be strong enough they will plant them in the small garden...

And then they celebrated their hard work with a healthy meal! Bread, tomatoes, cheese, olives, olive oil and oregano. The kids promised that they will bring more of such food from home to school instead of sweets and junk food.

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