Friday, May 11, 2012

Astakos, April's work!

Students from classes C and D made a special trip through their five senses with the help of herbs and spices. They smelled oregano, they saw rosemary, they touched thyme and many more...

First of all, they placed small quantities of herbs and spices in small plates. They wrote names on small cards and matched them with the herbs.

Then, they smelled the herbs and tried to remember their names

 After that, they closed their eyes and tried to guess the herbs by their smell

They really enjoyed the game and asked their teacher to repeat it, although some herbs were too difficult to find! At the end of the game most of the students were able to recognise all the common herbs and spices but also some really rare ones!

2. The ROBBISH (ROBot and rubBISH) family! 
Class E2 decided to collect and reuse some of our everyday rubbish at school. They designed and created an eco friendly robot family to decorate their classroom!

They gathered bottles, aluminum cans, straws, plastic bags, used paper and a lot more...
They worked in the art class and tried to make use of all these "useless" things... And look at what happened:

We learned that when we think green we should never forget the three R's: reduce, REUSE, recycle

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