Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another game

Hi friends! 
We enjoyed so much creating eco-games that in classes 4 Marialida and pupils has just created a new table game: 

It has been created in September
Marialida asked: "What do you remember about summer holidays? 
Do you want to draw a likely moment, or a beautifull place where you spent the summer : by the sea, on the beach... ?"
 Pupils drew a lot of pictures with seaside objects and their activities on the beach: "I made a sand castle...I played beach-volley,  with ball..."
Then they 've decided to use them to play: 
Marialida prepared some small flashcards and asked to find, to point to put on...:" Where's? Where are? When? What's this? Who's this? What colour is it?..."
A lot of fun remembering the sunny and happy holidays 

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