Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My school is in Porto Azzurro, a village founded by the Spanish on the wonderful blue sea!!

Our school's name is “Giuseppe Cerboni” in Marconi street in the heart of the village.
It's very big, a bit old, it's pink, it's got big windows so we have bright classrooms.

There are very nice flowerbeds in the small garden with palm and holm trees. There's also a small but beautiful vegetable garden where we grow some kinds of vegetables.

At ground floor there are Secondary school, the staff offices and the headteacher's office

If you climb up the stairs you arrive at the first floor:

there are primary school's classrooms: some are small and some are very big! All of them are nice, bright and comfortable..

for vegetables too!

There's also the school library with lots of books and a L.I.M.

There's the gym, with circles, balls, a basket and ninepins. In the gym the voices rumble... I don't like it: if we shout the noise is terrible!

My favourite places are the vegetable garden and the library. I'd like a lab too...
I hope you like our school!
Costanza – class 5. (English translation by the teacher)
Here you are Costanza's original pages:

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