Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Porto Azzurro vegetable garden

Hello friends! Here you are our report about Porto Azzurro vegetable garden. I'm very happy of the hard work children are doing. Very soon we'll taste some of our vegetables.
Here you are some of the children's pages:

The children are keeping a report of their activities, everyone with their own style.

And here you are the vegetable garden “BEFORE”:

We took photos from the first floor: we used the photos and the children's pictures to learn something new: how to make a SCALING: “How can we draw it in the exercise book? It's very big...10.8m long!!!!!”

And this is the work we did in Geography exercise book:

We needed parent's help and we found it! They came with a special tool. And they also  carried some better soil. Here you are the children's report:
 Finally the children are ready to prepare the ground, to seed, etc.. here you can see class 5:

And in the following days classes 4 went on working:  

But let's have a look at a pupil's reports...

Very good! The pupil used scaling.... and there are a lot of vegetables! The teacher is very proud of her children...

We didn't stop. We kept watering and checking: 

 WOW! The seed became plants...and now?

 There's no problem:  let's find a place for them...

Let's have a look at this cabbage plant... where's the cabbage??

This lettuce is very interesting: it's growing very fast!

We need one more row: let's measure the space...what can I use? A pencil! 

And now we're waiting for the first harvest. The pupils have very professional ideas about the future of our vegetable garden:

Actually they're right: Winter is arriving, in Elba too! We'll have to work hard again... but we're sure that the families can help us again!
We're longing for your news, dear friends....
Children and teachers from Porto Azzurro

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