Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International Day in Elba

Dear friends,
our last school day was FANTASTIC  thanks to all the very nice and exciting Eco-Games we made and received from our friends.
It was our way of celebrating the International Day. Here you are some photos:

Children enjoyed very much the International day and were very excited playing with games prepared by other children!
But we didn't only play.... In the previous days a 13 pages book had been prepared: its name is "An opened-doors school": there are children's words, teacher's words and families' words about this school-year in the Comenius partnership. And photos, al lot of photos. Unfortunately it's in Italian.... we made it for the families, for our Mayors and for all the people that have worked with us in environment activities.
If you are curious, here you are the link:


Now children are on holiday and teacher are longing for...
enjoy your summer,
bye bye
see you in September!!!!!!
Elba schools

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