Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our School open to parents

During this last month we shared a lot of things with our parents. We are very happy about the work we've done with the project. 

First of all, our vegetables were ready to be cut and consumed so we invited parents to school to help us out.

 Mothers and grandmothers took our vegetables home, prepared delicious dishes and brought them to school. We all  had a very nice big meal together under the trees.

 With a father's help, we prepared a part of the garden for new plants.

We also invited parents to school to celebrate this exciting and creative year!
We showed them our plants full of summer vegetables, we danced and sang, we played games, we had a theatre performance and we sold our crafts made by reused materials and offered the money to a non profit organisation for children.

This is a short video we shared with the community on our school's blog.

It was a fantastic year!!!

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